My Work

Like so many people, I spent my earlier adulthood looking for my passion.  Never really figuring out what I was “supposed” to be when I grew up, I had a variety of jobs — but no real direction.

It was not until I saw a close friend of mine working as a therapist and realizing that I was so inspired by her work that I wanted to do the same thing.  I quit my job in organizational development and went back to school to be a social worker.  I was thrilled that I had found my passion.  This passion only grew when I realized that I could be a sex therapist and work on all the core issues that make us human — connection to ourselves, others, and the world.

So, welcome to my Website – and my World!

I believe that bringing curiosity and intentionality into our day-to-day existence and relationships (regardless of what type of they are) is the key to opening up to growth and new insight.

I hope you find something interesting here.  Read the blog;  Explore the links;  Ask questions and reach out — I would love to hear from you!


Emily Pilowa

“I recommend clients to Elliott for therapy all the time. He is an intelligent and dedicated therapist whose empathic and direct style really enables him to connect with clients and really help them. I’m thrilled to have him as a colleague and collaborator.”

– Emily Pilowa, Owner, Emily Pilowa LICSW

Davina Fankhauser

“Dr. Kronenfeld is my favorite expert in his field. His approach in working with clients includes a balance of exceptional listening and offering practical therapeutic strategies. I don’t hesitate to refer him to individuals seeking support or ask him to participate as an expert in relevant projects. Dr. Kronenfeld consistently educates, inspires, and empowers, making a positive impact in people’s lives at the micro and macro level.”   

– Davina Fankhauser, President of Fertility Within Reach

Sandra Hastings

“I worked with Elliott for over five years and was always amazed by his insight, his ability to connect with people, and his unquenchable thirst for new learning. Elliott embodies the principles of adult learning and all those who interact with him are recipients of his commitment to continuous improvement. Elliott is the consummate team player/leader – bringing people together to achieve the impossible while having fun.”

– Sandra Hastings, President & CEO of Sandra Hastings Associates

Melissa Holmes

Elliott excels at being a leader and a coach. His expertise in organizational development coupled with his enthusiasm and vision drove results even in difficult environments. Elliott fostered an atmosphere of trust, hard work and fun, all while managing our team to success.

– Melissa Holmes, PMP