by Guest Author

The Powerball drawing yielded no jackpot winner and the total dollar amount that the potential winning ticket could take home is $1.4 Billion.  It is amazing hearing from many of the hopefuls all of the amazing things they would/could do with the money and how their lives would change for the better.  I have also allowed myself to fantasize about all of the differences I could make in the world and in my own life if I was to be the lucky winner.

Sadly, most of us will not ever know what it means to have such a radical change in our finances and to suddenly have millions of dollars.  But what about our dreams? Our plans? Our hopes?  All of the positive changes that we could make in our lives? Are those out the window and gone until we find that golden ticket?

I would argue No.  We all have the power to make positive changes in our lives and worlds.  However, we get caught up in the barriers and the walls enclosed around us to make positive changes in our lives.  Recognizing the challenges and barriers in front of us is a very important step in reaching our goals and making the positive changes in our lives.  While it can be difficult to overcome these barriers, doing so can be made possible and manageable through breaking our goals down into small, meaningful tasks. Another strategy is to celebrate every step that you take towards reaching your goals, no matter the size.  We can make positive changes in our lives, with or without, winning the big jackpot.

If you are having difficulty achieving your goals and breaking through the barrier and walls that surround you, contact me at or 617-651-2143.  Together, we can work together to make positive changes

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