“Saying you’re Bi is just an excuse for acting slutty” or What Not to Say to LGBTQ People

Reese, a 17 year old female high school student, came out to her friends and family as bisexual a couple of years ago. Most of her family told her it was “just a phase” and now her friends ask her, “Are you sure you’re bisexual?” and “Are you still bisexual, you haven’t dated any girls?” These questions may seem innocent and inquisitive, but they dismiss Reese’s feelings and her friends are essentially telling her that doesn’t know herself. These questions and comments are microaggressions, intentional or unintentional insults, slights and/or derogatory questions and comments at target marginalized groups of people; in this case LGBTQ people.

First Moon Parties and Blue Water: The Truth About Menstruation

The #MeToo campaign, Women’s Marches and the current news cycles are flooded with women pushing back on the patriarchy and controls placed on women.  Women’s bodies are being controlled, not wholly by themselves, but by pharmaceutical companies, doctors, the media, and insurance companies. What is considered normal and natural during menstruation is determined by the family care doctor, OBGYN, or fertility specialist who learns about medications to treat symptoms defined as problems by the pharmaceutical companies.  The pharmaceutical companies then go on to promote these drugs — life enhancers — in the media and through a focused campaign to get the medical community to prescribe them. Little did the American public realize that menstruation has become a multi-billion dollar a year business.

Mindfulness and Giving Up The Diet

Diets don’t work.  You’ve heard it before and likely know it to be true.  Still, you fall victim to the trap – eat this, get thin, live happily ever after.  Has it worked yet?  No. But maybe this time will be different, right?  It won’t be.  You may need to circle around the diet cycle a few times before you truly believe diets don’t work. 

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The Importance of Difference

The flashing lights of the cop car were in the rearview mirror, and I felt a wave of fear wash over me.  I had absolutely no idea why I was being pulled over.  I tried to ground myself by getting a clear picture of the situation:  My body was in a rental car in Texas, my heart was in my throat, my stomach was in a knot, and all of a sudden my mind was with one of my clients.

Trust: Sizing Up What You Know

Relationships are tricky and getting trickier. Trust is built on familiarity http://www.gregmatos.com/empowerment/build-unshakeable-trust, which feeds our need for control and predictability in our relationships. But as our society and relationships become more complex, it’s becoming hard to measure how accurately you know someone – is your sense of familiarity just a ruse? As my clients will tell you, I often bring these complicated relationship questions back