2021: A New Word for A New Year

For those that have been reading my blog posts for a while, you will recall that I start every year off, not with a set of resolutions, but with a word of the year. I do not make resolutions because as soon as you miss the mark once, you have failed. I will go to the gym 3 times each week becomes the source of self-shaming, frustration, and guilt as soon as you do not make the mark (and I venture, that moment usually comes before the end of February.) Instead, I choose a word that becomes a perspective to set context for the different journeys I will take for the year…

What We Learn from Mirrors

Every semester I hold a special class for my students.  It’s special because it’s not about business, it’s about life.  It’s about taking a moment to talk about something more important than management, accounting, marketing, logistics, and ethics, it’s a class about them.  I teach in the college of business where I spend the majority of my classes teaching my kids the language of commerce and how to create a venture from nothing more than an idea.  One day each semester I devote entirely to them.  I metaphorically hold a mirror up to them and ask them to gaze into it deeply and study the person on the other side of the glass.

Get Rooted This Fall

Fall is a time of transition.  Transition of season, schedule, daylight and often, mentality.  September marks “back-to-school” for students and for the rest of us, a renewed focus on our work.  From reconnecting with classmates and colleagues to fourth quarter meetings, conferences and trainings, it’s easy to let the busyness of the season get the best of us. These 5 simple strategies may help you stagrounded and enjoying one of the greatest seasons the Northeast has to offer.