Learning from Pregnancy Loss

My husband and I know we will be parents.  We’ve thought a lot about how we would parent, with a vague knowledge that all of it would probably go out the window when we were faced with reality – but we hadn’t really thought about how we would become parents.  Frankly, as a heterosexual couple, we thought it would be easy.

Lessons from the labyrinth

Yesterday I put my own advice into action.  I invited a colleague to join me to walk the labyrinth.  Really, this is something I should be doing more of as it is an amazing path to mindfulness.  When I work folks, we often include some form of meditation, mindfulness or centering to help manage anxiety, fear, stress, discord and just general feeling blah.  There are many people who love meditation and find it to be an important part of their mental health. There are just as many who, try as they might, can seem to quiet their minds and bodies to be still.  I am one of the latter.  Quiet still meditation is hard for me – I can do it from time to time but it seems to take a great effort to get there.  I do it whenever I can.  However, when time is precious or being still just seems in possible, I try a moving meditation – like walking a labyrinth.

Learning to say goodbye

My grandmother always told me that it was the greatest honor to be with someone when they took their first breath and when they took their last breath.  She was a very wise woman.  However, when managing this whole life and death journey, the life part seems infinitely easier and full of joy and we dread the death part, preparing ourselves for a journey of great sorrow, guilt and loneliness.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way.