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By Dave Eyerman

As we wake up this morning, we are faced with the reality of the results of the election. Many people are thrilled and many are horrified. Most are shocked.

For those who dislike, or are scared of, the idea of a Donald Trump presidency, there will likely be in-fighting and finger-pointing.

“It’s the DNC’s fault. If only Bernie was the nominee we would have one!”
“It’s Comey’s fault!”
“It’s those damn rednecks in the midwest!”
“All those people who voted for third-party candidates – they’re to blame! They took Hillary’s votes away!”
“It’s the voter suppression laws!”
“If only Election Day was a national holiday and more people of color could vote.”

While that may feel good temporarily to exorcise some demons and vent some anger, in the end, we are left with what is actually here in front of us. In the end, it remains up to us to decide what happens next.

It is ironic that the people who are left reeling this morning are quick to call others racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, uneducated, un-woke, selfish, low vibration, and much more. It is ironic because that is embodying the same divisive energy that has governed the voting bloc they are bemoaning.

Underneath all the craziness, everyone on the planet is the same. Those you love and those you hate, those you know and those you project onto, all wish to love and be loved. We may have different ideas of what that means and how to make that happen, and different obstacles in our way to making that happen, but in the end, we all wish to love and be loved.

So instead of pointing a finger at those who voted Trump, or the media, or Hillary, or the DNC, or anyone, we must find our way to that space of love. We must find the compassion for those who voted differently than us and learn to see them as people with hopes and dreams, fears and family. Only then can we work with them and start to heal the divide.

Getting loud and shouting them down is only going to deepen the wound. Instead, we must get loud in love.

On a personal note, I take my share of responsibility on this too. Although I voted for Hillary, and the state I live in went for her, I did very little to loudly promote love, compassion, and understanding during this campaign. A friend of mine said to me earlier this summer, “We must as lightworkers stand in our power. Trump is standing in power, we must rise to that.”

I am taking my lumps for not stepping up as I could. I am also clear that I am not going to continue to stay small. I will not sit quietly while anger and fear run rampant, hoping someone else will do the heavy lifting. I will begin with myself, with my own anger and fear, and find my way to acceptance, compassion, and love for them. And I will broadcast this to the world.

All we can do now is accept what is here, find our way to love and compassion for it, and decide how to move forward. I am moving forward loudly in love and light. I invite you all to join me.

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