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My parents were married for 52 years. My maternal grandparents 66 years. That’s a combined 118 years of marriage! They never spent a day in the office of a couples counselor. So why do I think couples counseling is an absolute MUST for most relationships?

The marital relationship in general is drastically different than it was for generations past. Today, we expect more from our relationships than financial stability – and I think we should. Marriage can be a tremendous platform to launch toward our dreams and reach our fullest potential. It is a testing ground to recognize our imperfections and experiment with changing them. But getting the most out of our relationships takes specific skills that are hard to practice and even harder to master. 

That’s where couples counseling comes into play. 
Watch this week’s episode to learn my top five reasons to start couples counseling this coming year.


Once you’ve made the decision to start shopping for a marriage counselor, read more about the research-based approach I utilize in my work and contact me to schedule an initial consultation. 

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