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By: Amy Gardner & Metrowest Nutrition Team

5 Ways to stay grounded this season

Fall is a time of transition.  Transition of season, schedule, daylight and often, mentality.  September marks “back-to-school” for students and for the rest of us, a renewed focus on our work.  From reconnecting with classmates and colleagues to fourth quarter meetings, conferences and trainings, it’s easy to let the busyness of the season get the best of us. These 5 simple strategies may help you stagrounded and enjoying one of the greatest seasons the Northeast has to offer.

  1. Enjoy Root Vegetables – Root vegetables include potatoes, sweet potatoes, jicama, parsnips and beets.  As their name implies, they are the “roots” of plants – growing underground allows them to absorb a lot of nutrients from the soil.  These vegetables are often served cooked, offering a calming and comforting quality to our bodies.  Plus, seasonal vegetables are fresher, more nutrient dense and tend to naturally support the body’s nutritional needs for the season.  Many root vegetables are high in B vitamins, and vitamins A and C to help produce energy and prepare your immune system for the months ahead. 
  2. Get Outside – Take a hike, bike ride or walk outside.  Go apple picking.  Connecting with nature is a great way to ground yourself.  Invite a friend for additional benefits.
  3.  Take a Yoga Class – The combination of breathing and movement in yoga make it ideal for relaxation.  Yoga also helps with sleep which is also important for keeping stress at bay. 
  4.  Dig in The Dirt – There’s no better way to ground yourself than by digging in the dirt.  It works for electrical circuits and it works for our bodies.  Whether cleaning up your yard or planting bulbs, there is value in your yardwork beyond curb appeal. 
  5.  Breathe With Your Belly – Belly breathing is a simple technique you can use to ground yourself anywhere.  If you notice tension or anxiety rising in your body try this.  Take a deep breath in, filling your stomach then hold it for a couple seconds.  Let the air seep out gradually.  Extending the exhale of your breath so that it’s longer than the inhale is a great stress-reliever.


Our FUEL program offers remote nutrition support and accountability between client sessions.  It’s a helpful tool for real-time support.  This is ideal for busy individuals (or those who travel) who would like some guidance around eating choices but don’t have time to come into the office.  Learn about our remote nutrition support here or call us at 617-332-2282


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