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Our economy has somewhat picked up. Financially, most of us might not feel the pinch as bad as it was about 2 years or so ago. Have you ever thought about what is it about money that we have such an attachment to? I understand it is somewhat self-explanatory but why do some of us have such an odd relationship with money? We worry about not having enough; we worry about what to do when we have a little more than usual; we worry about whether we are saving; we worry about how our income might effect our tax liabilities; we obsessively ruminate on how much money is in our bank account and what bills need to get paid; and we even use money as the topic of conflict with our partner or family.

There is a Chinese saying: money is not everything, without money you are nothing. How true that is. We understand money doesn’t bring ultimate happiness, however when we don’t have it we are scared, frustrated, anxious and sad. Can money just be an object that just is? No matter how much we worry about it, it doesn’t change unless we do something different. When we don’t have enough, we feel frustrated and avoid the situation. In the end we have a bigger problem than when we started. We don’t want to face the reality that we are struggling and empty. Yet, how do we learn to put our emotions aside and ask for help?

Interestingly, when you visit a therapist, it costs money. However, a therapist can help you put some distance between your emotions and the sad reality in our lives so we can handle it better.

Is that worth the investment?
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