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The hurricane, storm, cyclone (as our cell phone alert informs us) changed our plans for the 4th of July celebration. The city even moved the fireworks to the night before. Now, we are left with what do we do now? For some of us who has friends or family in the house, we at least have company, for those who were planning to head down to the Boston Esplanade, we now need to change our plans. The feelings of disappointment, annoyance and frustration set in. However, a feeling that we rarely think about is BOREDOM. How many TV shows can you catch up on On Demand, or the feeling that we really should be doing something else? We move from one task to another, without finishing the last thing because we feel bored doing something. 

We live in a society where we are constantly doing something or need to be doing something. The only time that we don’t do anything might be that trip we took to the beach resort and our significant other says “just relax”. But yet, we are itching to be doing something meaningful. What has affected us to struggle with sitting still? Our culture informs us that we need to work from 9 to 6; surprisingly U.S. is one of the more hardworking societies in the world. We need to make plans to see friends and family, we should engage in a meaningful hobby, or join a meet up group to widen our social circle and experiences. This promotes a sense of inability to be with your inner self and just tune in to our bodies. Is it because we are afraid of the feelings that will come up? Is it because we have to make meaning of our lives that are based on what we do rather than who we are? Is it because boredom just brings such negative experiences for when we were kids and we said we were bored, our parents dismiss our feelings to us just being lazy and wanting to get out of the situation? Or even the idea that we do not know how to come up with something satisfying to do? Or it might be a situation you are trying to avoid. 

You might need help trying to understand why you struggle with boredom, you might need help trying to not be bored but not judge yourself when you are bored. Sometimes you are just bored and it is ok. Allow me to help you to figure this out and tolerate it better. Contact Aileen at

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