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Change is not always something that we transition into easily, even when the change is for the better. Our body feels weird about it, sometimes we might even get sick. Emotionally we feel discombobulated because things are not where they are and where they used to be. As Insight Brookline continues to grow and adds a second location, I struggle with driving down a new road, having to pay a little more attention to what time I need to leave the house, which room I get to be in. As excited as I feel about the brand new furniture, I am trying to find the familiar dip in my chair, or why the Post-It pad isn’t on the left side of the table. The color of this room is so pretty, and look, the throw pillows match the wall and the couch… but it’s not the same.

Sometimes, little things in life can throw us off. Especially when we are dealing with a lot of different things. Even when things are for the better, we still have to adjust our brain and body to a new routine. Our frustration tolerance goes down, we are snappier towards others, others are less compassionate towards us because they don’t get it and this list can go on and on. Sometimes, we might even feel lonelier than usual.

This too shall pass. Do you know how to have compassion for the self, patience for the things that are different, and ease in fumbling through the new routine? It is okay to be annoyed; it is okay to argue and be upset. However, let’s learn to not judge our emotions and our anxiety. Allow our self-doubt to come and go. Breathe some space into the emotions that come up when we struggle with tolerance. Learn a new way to have positive self-talk.
If you want to have someone walk this new path with you until you settle in, please contact Aileen at

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