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You have made your list but halfway through it you realize it is too much. Your brain starts to be filled with counter thoughts, excuses why it is hard to do this or what is going to make it hard, or worse, you cannot decide where to start. OH NO!!! This starts the negative thinking; the self-deprecating statements; hours on end of wondering why you cannot do something this simple; your chest feels tight or your body feels burdened. So much for spring!!!

Reactions like these happen to the best of us and part of this might be due to our experiences growing up, where we were not validated or encouraged, or from many failed experiences even when we made an effort. We feel angry and disappointed. We do not want to feel these feelings. We think we understand why, however sometimes it is about tolerating our difficult feelings. And this is not easier said than done.

Think of sitting out on a bench on a pretty spring day… think of a time when you felt discouraged… allow the difficult feelings to course through your body as you listen to the birds. Feel the fear as you feel the warmth of the sun. Experience the pain as you breathe in the fresh air. If you have a negative thought, listen to the sound of the T on the tracks in the not so far distance.

If you are curious about learning how to practice this and want someone to practice this with you, or wanting to understand the underlying fuel to these difficult emotions, please contact Aileen at for an appointment.  

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