by Elliott Kronenfeld

Recently I was in Boca de Tomatlan, Mexico for a workshop with other clinicians and practitioners of the 4 dimensional approach to sex and intimacy.  Every morning, before we would begin our work, we would clear our space.  Clearing space involved using sound (a drum, a rattle, etc.), scent (copal, sage, incense, etc), or other approach to sanctify the area we would be learning and growing in to allow us to be present, to remove negative energy and to set a space that invited intention.  As each of us would enter the workshop space, we would have ourselves cleared.  The day’s facilitator would use one of these methods by shaking a rattle, or feathers or scent around us.  Once cleared, we would be able to enter the space and begin our work for the day.  Once in the space, we each light a candle to represent our presence in the space.

For those newly introduced to the process of clearing, it can seem very “airy fairy”.  However, there is a shift – and sometimes not so subtle shift – that happens.  A calmness becomes present.  An intention rises. A connection to others is strengthened.  A release of whatever pulls us broadens.

So, as you sit and read this, I urge you to consider what pulls you from being focused?  Where do you wish you had the ability to create stronger connections to your space and the people in it? Where do you feel a lack of calmness? Is your intention being overshadowed by other energy?  In other words, what would it be like for you to be able to enter your day with clarity and calm?

While you may not want or understand a more ritualistic clearing process, you can begin to create a clearer space for yourself.  Take a moment and stretch out your arms.  With an intention of creating calm positive energy, walk around your space and sweep your arms to sweep away all the negative energy in your space.  With each sweep of your arms, you sweep out negativity and allow positivity to enter.  Do you notice a difference in your body, your mind, your heart, your spirit?  Take time through your day to periodically, clear your space…what replaces negativity will surprise you!

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