Gender and Intimacy

We are born for intimacy. Clients come to me with a variety of complaints, but much of the time, the root issue relates directly to intimacy: disruptions in intimacy, fear of intimacy, over-dependence on intimacy, lack of intimacy, need for intimacy, and the myriad relationship problems that occur in relation to these issues.

The 5 best communication tips for parents

Parenting is one of the most important and difficult jobs a person can have. It demands extraordinary skills, stamina, creativity and unconditional love. By  establishing and maintaining your role as a supportive and communicative parent, you provide a safe and stable environment for your child. Using these proven communication tips will lead to a long-lasting, open and loving  relationship.

How to win!

Everyone wants to be a winner! Everyone likes to be right…right? Unfortunately, these two things aren’t the same thing and don’t always go together. Do you ever find yourself in an argument with your partner or friend and you are pushing to make sure they see your point and understand why you are right and they are wrong? Tempers and decibels start to rise and you are left confused on how you ended up sleeping on the couch.


Do you ever find yourself avoiding people that you feel close to because you have a truth about yourself that you are afraid to share? In my practice I work with lots of people who are on a path of self-discovery and trying to live a life with integrity. This journey often brings new truths and/or challenges to important relationships because being open and honest about something that feels emotionally charged is scary.