Practicing Presence: What We Can Learn From the Love of Dogs

My dog is in training to be a therapy dog.  Marcel is a natural- he’s gentle, sweet, and at 11lbs, he was bred to be a lap dog.  Though I’ve only brought him to the office with me for a few weeks now, clients immediately notice when he isn’t there and ask with notable disappointment, “Where’s Marcel?”  I don’t take it personally, rather, I understand.   

How Change Really Happens!: Systems, Processes and Steps

People come to see me to create change in their lives, their relationships or their career.  Usually after the first session, I have heard them talk about their frustration and failed attempts to create the change they long for.  Why?  Why can’t some folks create the change that just seems to be a logic process?  They try and try and try. 

What are you fighting for?: Understanding Relationship Conflict and How to Address it

I lead a group for couples on how to bring intention into their relationship.  This is a fascinating group and 
I learn so much from sitting with these couples as we tackle the many inputs into relationships that often 
trip us up.  One recent topic was conflict.  How do we have manage conflict in our relationship with 
intention?  Does it matter if the conflict is between both partners or experienced by one partner from an 
outside source?  As you can imagine, this was a lively discussion!


Having grown up in Northern California, and having spent the last couple of weeks on the West Coast, I’m finding the cold snap this week—with the dark, gray skies accompanied by the incessant bitter cold— to be particularly grim. I just asked myself this morning:  ”Why did I want to live here again?” I quickly thought about how I do love so many things about New England. I am as still enchanted by the culture, the history, and authenticity of the people as I was as a new student over 10 years ago. I loved autumn then (and still do), but my first winter was a rude awakening.